South County EMS currently operates with a 2015 Ford E350 ambulance built by Medix Specialty Vehicles out of Elkhart, IN. The Medic 63 is the newest addition and acts as our front line ALS ambulance. It features a fresh new look, painted Deep Blue Metallic, accented with Signal Yellow. This is an inverted departure from our older truck color scheme of blue on yellow. It is still distinguishable when coming down the road. The truck features all LED emergency lighting, a quieter fuel saving gasoline engine, and plenty of room inside. The truck is fully equipped with an ensemble of life saving equipment, including a Stryker Power-PRO stretcher and Philips HeartStart MRx Cardiac Monitor/Defibrillator.

South County EMS also owns a gas powered all terrain utility vehicle. This all wheel drive cart is outfitted with seats for three, as well as room for a backboarded patient. This is ideal to reach patients in hard to access areas or in venues such as parks or fields. The ATV is equipped with emergency lighting for added visibility and safety.